• Stefani Renee

Roasted Golden Beet Bruschetta

Freestylin' is all about the no-recipe recipe. Let go & embrace your creativity. Where we're going, there are no rules. Let's freestyle together!

This is a quick snack for yourself or appetizer for a dinner party. You may need to make a quick stop to the market to grab a few golden beets, a baguette, and some goat cheese. Quarter, drizzle with olive oil and roast your beets. Once they're tender (30-40min), dice and splash them with some balsamic vinegar. I like using white balsamic for this but if you don't have any that's ok. Spoon those beets over sliced oven-toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, cracked black pepper, and spread a little goat cheese on top. YUM-MY and super easy to make

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